With UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the best-preserved Steam Train network in England, Shropshire has it all. The Medieval market town of Shrewsbury sits inside a loop of the River Severn, boasts over 660 listed buildings most of which are half-timber Tudor houses, home to the world's first iron-framed building, Ditherington Flax Mill, regarded as "the grandfather of the skyscraper". Shrewsbury is also the birthplace of Charles Darwin, world-famous naturalist and author of On the Origin of Species, his theory of evolution.

The Ironbridge Gorge was awarded World Heritage status for its role as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, taking its name from the worlds first cast-iron bridge erected in 1779 spanning the gorge over the River Severn.

Castles, abbeys, historic houses and gardens, along with museums and galleries are all on our doorstep. 

  1. The Iron Bridge

  2. Blists Hill Victorian Town

  3. Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron

  4. Coalport China Museum

  5. Enginuity

  6. Museum of the Gorge

  7. The Tar Tunnel

  8. Jackfield Tile Works

  9. The Shrewsbury Darwin Walk

  10. Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

  11. Shropshire Regimental Museum

Iron Bridge 3.jpg

The Iron Bridge

  1. Acton Burnell Castle

  2. Buildwas Castle

  3. Clun Castle

  4. Haughmond Abbey

  5. Lilleshall Abbey

  6. Moreton Corbet Castle

  7. Wenlock Priory

  8. Wroxeter Roman City

  9. Shrewsbury Castle

  10. Chirk Castle

  11. Ludlow Castle

  12. Powis Castle

Stokesay castle 2.jpg

Stokesay Castle

  1. Glansevern Hall Gardens

  2. Shropshire Hills A.O.N.B

  3. Hawkstone Park Follies

  4. The Quarry Shrewsbury

  5. Severn Valley Country Park

  6. Weston Park

  7. Wollerton Old Hall Garden

  8. Hodnet Hall & Gardens

  9. Severn Valley Railway

  10. Ellesmere Lakes

  11. Nesscliffe Country Park

  12. David Austen Rose Garden

  13. Arley Arboretum

Hawkstone Follies.jpg

Hawkstone Park Follies

  1. Attingham Park

  2. Benthall Hall

  3. Cronkhill Villa

  4. Dudmaston Hall

  5. Erddig Hall

  6. Wenlock Edge

  7. Powis Castle

  8. Chirk Castle

  9. Carding Mill Valley

Attingham Park.jpg

Attingham Park