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Doing our Bit-Relaxing, Responsible Retreats for a Better Future

From the outset, we’ve had sustainability at the heart of what we do and we’re continuing to explore new ways to achieve our goal of being Zero Carbon by 2025 – sooner if we can!

All of our boutique log cabins and lodges are made here in Shropshire by local business SJ Roberts and we try and buy all we can within 40 miles. Solar panels heat lots of the hot water for our guests and we are currently adding more.

With 10 acres of greenery for our guests to relax in, we keep our grounds as natural as possible, allowing bees, butterflies and beautiful wild flowers to thrive. And, following a successful tree planting initiative with Shropshire Wildlife and English Heritage, we helped project manage their Wildlife Zone, adding a weir and reed beds to support our ecosystem and attract fish and otters back to the River Perry. Our guests repeatedly tell us that sitting out on the deck and enjoying the wildlife is a real highlight of their stay.

Our sweet chestnut fencing is all produced locally using traditional methods, and we’re working on an exciting hydro-electric project which we hope will provide all of the electricity for our cabins into the future for greener living.

Even the little things like our complimentary coffee pods are eco-friendly and biodegradable which cost us a little more but it’s the right thing to do. And don’t forget we have an EV charging point available too.

We’re also keen to support other local businesses, from artists and eateries to producers such as Billy & Lilly’s and Moor Farm, as well as nearby visits and attractions, including some of who feature in our new bespoke tours.

As we move into our third year, we remain more committed than ever to develop a sustainable tourism business, exploring new ways to provide a relaxing, responsible retreat for our guests which we hope you'll enjoy.

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